Zodiac Marketing Pvt. Ltd, the biggest food and everyday utility/household product importer and marketing company holds over 18 leading brands in different categories. We are a major contributor to the national economy and society at large. We are a strong, resilient family of diverse people based on Nepal. The journey of Zodiac Marketing Pvt. Ltd started over 30 years ago and has been working since then with great energy to serve the people. We have tie up's and partnerships with leading departmental stores/shops across Kathmandu Valley such as Bhatbhateni Super Market, Saleways & More.

High quality

To provide superb international product quality and in par product affordability to the Nepali Market.

Efficient support

Our team provides high technical capacity and knowledge to help our

customers 24/7.

Established. 1960

Lasting this long is only

crucial in mentioning our overall service quality.